Portfolio Collection
StopGap Dance Company
Photo: Nick Robertson


Recent and ongoing performing arts projects include:

  • Caravan: mentor to performing arts companies participating in an international showcase at the Brighton Festival. Companies have included: Lone Twin, Dreamthinkspeak, Stop Gap Dance, Bill Aitchison, StopGap Dance, non zero one, Fuel/Sound and Fury, Action Hero, Dan Canham, Sleepdogs.

  • Farnham Maltings: professional development and artist support. Companies include Analogue Theatre, Little Bulb Theatre, Hiccup Theatre, Dancing Brick, Pursued by a Bear, Victoria Melody.

  • Cultural Leadership Programme via Farnham Maltings: coaching cultural leaders

  • British Council: design and delivery of Producing and Programming workshops in Kiev

  • Independent creative coaching: senior arts managers, artistic directors and performers

  • National Skills Academy for Creative & Cultural Skills: Project Manager Offstage Choices

  • Action Transport Theatre: international development

  • Royal Shakespeare Company: coach and mentor 

  • Chair of Earthfall Dance, a Cardiff-based dance/physical theatre company

  • Independent Theatre Council: Action Learning facilitator; design and deliver the Touring Abroad training course and the two-day Passport to International Touring. Past Vice-Chair of ITC.

  • The Crafts Council: coach and mentor for craftspeople and makers on The Hothouse programme







Mile End, Analogue Productions
Photo: Mikey Delamonde