Tamsin Shasha, Actors of Dionysus
Photo: James Rowbotham



Transforming lives

I believe that the arts, and in particular the performing arts, can transform people's lives. This is true not just for those who work in the industry but for those who participate in it as audience or by more direct experience.

My work in the performing arts is formed by my experience of acting, directing, writing, producing, managing theatre and other business. I understand the performing arts world and I understand performing arts people. I also understand the rules of engagement; the constant need to reach new audiences, to involve young people, to make innovative work, the need for arts organisations to be at the heart of the creative economy and for individuals to reach their full potential.

For many years, I promoted and toured British theatre in western Europe in cooperation with the British Council. Added to my previous work in the Middle East and Switzerland, this had the knock-on effect of me being flagged as some sort of guru who can work with arts companies to develop their international collaborations and make their work and their organisations export-ready.

This helped develop my role as an Action Learning facilitator, mentor and coach to artists and arts managers. I am also able to lead creative meetings, think tanks and those all-important board/staff days. Personal, professional and organisational change is a constant in the ever-changing performing arts.

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