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RedCape Theatre, The Idiot Colony
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For those who like learning but don't like being taught

Action Learning is a form of personal and professional development for senior managers seeking individual professional development or organisational change. It is based on the principle that people have an unlimited capacity to learn from experience but a limited capacity to learn from being taught.

At the heart of Action Learning is the 'set', a group of around six people who meet five times over a year. Within the set, individuals can explore situations in a safe and trusting environment.  By encouraging insightful questioning and reflection the set provides the support and positive challenge needed to move forward.

As facilitator I help the set to remain focussed, while creating safety for sometimes sensitive individual exploration. I also ensure that the set follows Action Learning conventions. The composition of a set is fully flexible; it can be made up of managers from the same industry, cross-sector or in-house.

I was trained as an Action Learning facilitator by Ruth Cook on the initiative of the Independent Theatre Council.  I am one of the ITC facilitators offering Action Learning sets to arts managers and practitioners as part of their training and professional development programme.

I have been accredited as a facilitator by the Institute of Leadership & Management

Ruth is the founder Director of Action Learning Associates - the web site gives a clear and thorough introduction to Action Learning and how it works:

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If you would like more information about Action Learning or if you would like to talk about creating or joining a set, please contact me:

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