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Creative coaching for creative minds

Training as a personal and professional coach has confirmed my belief that we are all creative and resourceful individuals with an unlimited capacity for self development and learning.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as: 'an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life.'

Coaching is different to other helping professions. If counselling and therapy is about problems and the past, coaching is about solutions and the future. If mentoring is about sharing experience, networks and offering advice, coaching is about engaging with the client's own options and choices and helping them move themselves forward. Coaching helps people who are stuck, it helps them get out of their own way.

I also use the coaching model to test creative ideas and thinking, working with people in the creative industries to try out the obvious, the crazy, the unusual. This offers a unique opportunity to explore the most leftfield of possibilities without fear of failure or judgement.

Coaching is as flexible as you want it to be; we set the number of sessions and their frequency between us and it can happen face-to-face or by phone with continuing e-mail support in between.

I have attained a Certificate in Coaching Skills from Coaching Development Ltd, one of the few UK training organisations accredited by the ICF.

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching, please contact me for an informal discussion. I come completely without strings.

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