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"So Gary, what is it you do exactly . . .?"

Once upon a time I could have answered teacher, actor, theatre director, international producer, barman but now . . . well, now it's not so straight forward. It's fair to say that the bulk of what I do centres around the performing arts industry and, more important, the inspirational people who make that industry work. Working with creative artists, managers and entrepreneurs is at the heart of what I do and fills me with purpose.

One of the great joys of working in the arts is that you can turn your hand  and mind to almost anything. As a result, I've transferred my skills to become a mentor, a coach, a trusty advisor, a facilitator of ideas and new beginnings, a radical spirit, a true independent.

I also write lots, I make web sites, I run workshops, training courses, manage projects, manage a membership association and help people manage themselves.

Above all, and of increasing importance to me, I work closely with free-thinking, creative individuals to inspire them to make changes in their lives, their organisations and their art.

So that's what I do.

Working your way through my website should give you more information and background on the specifics but if there's any more you'd like to know, please get in touch.

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